riding_dragons_shieldWe call ourselves Riding Dragons, because we are. Searching the chinese zodiac you will find that every twelve years there is a year of the dragon. As do the westerners with their zodiac the chinese distinguish the influence of ascendents by different kinds of dragons


FireNow, why Riding Dragons ?

We, the Riding Dragons, are two people, each born in the year of a dragon and one year of a dragon apart. We are Fire Dragon and Wood Dragon.We love to ride our motor cycles – consider them the dragons we are riding on. The motor cycles are both Harley Davidson make – a model Rocker C, built 2008 and a Fat Bob, built 2011.


WoodWhat we are not

We are not political, not left or right orientated. We are no motor cycle club, no rocker gang. We are no racists. We are no religious union.


What we are

We are friendly people. We work hard for our money and pay our taxes.

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